Hi everyone, 

Three months ago, my cat, LG, was first treated for fluid 
buildup in his lungs. He went nine weeks before needing 
to have that fluid drained again. Now, it seems that we 
are having it done every four or five days. 

LG is on prednisolone and Salix (diuretic to help slow the 
fluid buildup). The vet is calling what he has pleural 
effusion. Has anyone else here had this problem? Do you 
and/or your vets have any other suggestions about 
possible treatments for it? Once LG gets the fluid drained, 
he eats like crazy and is pretty much his old self. He is 
twelve and a half years old now. Thanks for any and all 
suggestions on this. Best wishes to all!

James G. Wilson - phaed...@charter.net
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