Hi everyone -

Just asking if you guys could say a little prayer for Bernie (1 yr. 8mos
FelV +)  He isn't doing well and I'm afraid things could get worse soon.

He was diagnosed with uveitis about 2 weeks ago.  The iris is still inflamed
even though we are using the predisone eye drops 3 times a day.  We could do
a biopsy and get a sample of the substance to see if it is lymphoma, but as
of right now, I don't think I'm going to do it.  I don't want to put him
through that and there is a chance that the sample would be unusable.  The
eye specialist also said that if it is lymphoma, it is most likely somewhere
else in his body as well.

He is eating normally and if you start to play with him he will play a
little. But his activity level is low, sleeping alot, and he won't play with
his brother. He started having diarreha last night. Also, if he doesnt get
his eye drops (One day i could only give it to him once), I noticed he
wouldnt eat for about 12 hours and just laid around the whole day.  Not sure
what else to do...it kills me to see him this way.

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