when he was neutered, was he given his basic shots? if so, if you can get
him the booster, that'll protect him against panleuk, and the other basics.
depends on your vet--if kitty is really hard to handle or get into a
carrier, some will give you the vaccine to administer at home.

i'm fairly sure that cats don't carry panleuk--if he's been exposed, he'll
get sick and get over it, or not, but he won't harbor it forever. anyone? if
he were ever a housecat, which it almost sounds as if he might have been at
some point, he could well have been vaccinated as a young one, so has
immunity to panleuk already. (and there's no answer, yet, as to whether or
not immunity, once established by the full series of baby shots, is lifelong
or not. i ain't even gonna go there!)

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