It's been about a year now since Cinder was pts due to advanced sarcoma 
caused by FeLV. 3 Months after learning of the cause of Cinder's cancer,  Onyx 
tested FeLV+ (Elisa & IFA), but Horus & Blackie tested negative and were 
vaccinated. The vet (a great vet!) is recommending re-testing and booster vax 
for both Horus & Blackie. I see and understand her point of view, but I'm not 
sure about re-testing, and I'm on the fence about the vaccine.

        The reason I'm thinking of not re-testing is that I wouldn't do 
anything different since all the cats are healthy and on a very good diet. All 
the cats were already adults when introduced to each other, and lived together 
for over a year before Onyx's diagnosis. The vet feels that since the three 
cats are not separated, the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks (only 2% 
of cats who receive the FeLV vaccine develop fibrosarcoma at the vaccination 
site). However, I'm not sure if re-vaccinating is a good idea if either or both 
are now positive, which is where I'm stuck. They are both going to the vet on 
Monday morning for check ups and rabies vaccinations. Any advice? What would 
you do?

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