re: rabies: i would suggest that you follow your state's recommendations.
should a bat or other critter with high possibility of rabies get into your
house, or your kitty get outdoors and be bitten, the odds are way too high
that should it be rabies-positive, your cat will be PRESUMED to be, and

some states WILL accept a vet's written statement that a household pet NOT
be vaccinated on health grounds, but it's definitely something to check in
advance, because you do NOT want to find yourself in this position.

if you ever want to take your kitty or puppy on vacation and are crossing
state lines, you'll need a rabies cert, too--and you'll need to know if the
states you're travelling to accept the three-year vaccines or not. (canada
requires the one-year, so even tho both michigan and new york would take the
3-year, when i'd travel between the latter two, i'd have to have the one
year...) states tend NOT to be lax and understanding about rabies....


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