Both of my babies are due for check-ups and I had them run estimates on titres 
and shots etc.  I personally believe that vaccinations should be reserved for 
when they're needed medically.  I have signed legal waivers in the past to 
forgo the rabies shots for my boys.  But when cost is an issue, things get 

current prices @ my clinic:

FVRCP and rabies are each $22

The titre test for panleuk runs $47.50 (venipuncture charge here is $21.24, but 
they're pulling blood for the CBCs etc, so it's a wash).

The titre test for rabies? $130
It really really really bothers me that the medically reasonable course is over 
five times the cost!!!!
so while i really believe that a titre before a vaccination is the way to go, i 
simply can't afford it right now (we're condo-shopping).  and i certainly can't 
do what i used to and take both kits in at the same time for check-ups!

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You can have titre tests done to check the level of antibody in the cat's 
system. I would say just forgo the vaccinations and/or titres if you are sure 
that the cat won't be hospitalized or boarded. Many vet hospitals and boarding 
facilities will not allow an animal to be admitted without proof of 
vaccination. While a certificate from your vet may get you past any state laws 
(like in NY) that require rabies vaccination, vet hospitals and boarding 
facilities are breeding grounds for germs and your kitty may end up exposed and 
unprotected. My vet pointed this out to me when I brought Horus (who has 
asthma) & Blackie in for their annuals and questioned annual vaccinations.


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