I came across a mention of this food on Catster, and checked it out 
online. The cat food, Prowl, is listed as dehydrated raw but when I asked if it 
was safe for a FeLV+ cat, the company responded that the chicken is 
"essentially cooked" and so should be safe. They sent me a nutrition 
information sheet that I could forward to my vet to get her opinion. I left a 
voice mail with my vet asking about the food, but I don't expect to hear from 
her until tomorrow (today is her day off, well deserved).

        I was feeding my dog frozen raw for awhile, but the vet I was using at 
that time advised against it, citing salmonella and e. coli exposure risks - 
not uncalled-for, given the big recall Nature's Variety is now conducting! I 
did some research online and got a lot of conflicting viewpoints. So I turn 
again to all of you! Is the risk the same for dehydrated raw? Are any of you 
familiar with this food? What do you think of feeding this type of food to FeLV 

Thank you!

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