I'm joining this list serv with a heavy heart. We rescued a young Mom cat  and 
her 4 babies. They appeared healthy for all intents and circumstances.

Mom just tested positive for FeLV, 2 babies also did (one slight positive, the 
other one was definitely positive), and 2 tested negative on the Elisa.

I need some help in deciding what to do...

I'd love some feedback, as the Internet only yields so much useful 

1. If the two kittens tested negative, are they likely negative?

2. Should the positive kitten be separated from the slightly positive one as 

3. If Momma is about 6 mos old, how likely is it that she has FeLV, considering 
2 of the babies also tested for it? Is there a chance she too could fight off 
the infection? At what point should Mom be retested with the PCR or IFA?

4. What supplements or foods should we feed these kitties, to help them fight 
off the virus?

5. How long does Mom have to live, if she is confirmed to have FeLV? What are 
the alternatives? We rescue a lot of kittens and cats, so she will end up 
living in a cage alone unless we can find her a new home, which I doubt is 
going to be very likely. We don't have the funds to send her to a sanctuary, 
and we also have several FIV positive cats we are sanctuarying. Space is also 
an issue, as that is one less cat or litter we can rescue since she will be in 
that cage for a long, long time...

I'd appreciate your insights and thoughts.



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