Hello again,

Stanley has suddenly taken a turn for the worse. In the last two weeks, he
has gotten very lethargic and not eaten well. We've taken two sets of
x-rays: the first showed all his organs well, then the second two weeks
later his organs weren't even visible because of all the fluid buildup in
his belly. We have him on buprenorphine, prednisolone, and appetite
stimulant. He doesn't have anemia yet and has a low grade fever of 103.. He
is responding to the medication as well as could be expected, I suppose. The
fluid in his belly has also seemed to stabilize a bit since he had the last
xray this past Monday. He actually does eat some--he likes his treats and
I'm going to make him the liver shake to see if he'll eat that.

I have a few questions I'd like to get some opinions on. I have some alpha
interferon and was wondering if it was too late to try some of that and, if
so, what dosage should I give him? The second is should I have the fluid
removed from his belly? I think he'd be more comfortable, although I'm sure
the procedure is probably painful. Can he be anesthesized for that procedure
and is it worth putting him through the pain?

Thanks for some opinions.


Diane Tyler
Spenser's Legacy Animal Rescue
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