She originally had Brillo on it for the first day 3 weeks ago.  She had him 
stop because he threw it up.  She also told me since it turned out to be non 
reg it wouldn't make a difference...I will call tomorrow and double check.  She 
didn't mention trying it for Desmond...I will ask about him tomorrow when I 
call tomorrow.  Thank you.

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Has both of them been put on prenisolone and doxocycline?  When my Bailey was 
anemic he was put on epogen and his anemia resolved, his bone marrow aspirate 
showed the virus in his bone marrow but the epogen brought his HCT from a low 
of 15% to 40% in about 6 weeks.  Most vets are scared to death to use it so 
don't be surprised if you get resistance ... I am almost afraid and tired of 
repeating my success with it because so many vets seem terrified of the idea of 
using it and I see cat after cat die because of it.  But I promised Bailey I 
would, and in his honor I will continue to try to save every furkid I can with 
his story so I plug on .... if it doesn't work the results are the same, your 
furkid will die, if it does work ...

happiness is being owned by cats ...

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