This is wonderful detail! I am taking a online on demand course from the
Louise Hay group and heard John Holland, the communicator, last night. 
He no longer does readings but says he can identify the breed of a dog from
the other side who speaks to him and how comforting that is to those left
Thank-you for sharing this exciting communication!
I think your subject line says it all :-)
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I think I mentioned a few days ago that I would be speaking with an animal
communicator about Bridget. That happened tonight. I do feel better. I'd
been so upset about my decision to have her spayed in spite of my
apprehension, but he said he felt she had a weak immune system, perhaps
liver problems, and the body she had wouldn't have lasted long. He said the
vet did give her too much anesthesia - it was the standard amount for a cat
her size, but it was just too much for her because she had some underlying
It was interesting. He said she'd been part of a litter with other cats who
looked very much like her (very true) and who had the same problem (her
brother died in September). He did say that he didn't see Chutney or the
other cats around her, even though he knew that I had had other cats who had
This is where it gets strange. He said, "She's showing me a whole lot of
other cats and says you just got two more cats." (yes, the FeLV+ cat from
Smyrna and one from work who tested positive for FIV so I just kept him.)
These cats came just a few days ago. He said, be prepared, she says more
cats will be coming. He wanted to know if I worked in rescue, and I do work
at a shelter. I asked him if she said anything about other animals, and he
said she was talking about a medium sized, very noisy black dog (she kept
saying "I heard the dog") who hadn't been around for very long (I just got
that dog back in early January). That's a dog who would always jump up at
her when I let the dogs into the house, and she's the noisiest damn dog
ever. And he said she kept mentioning a farm and some other sort of animal,
but he wasn't sure what. I don't have farm animals but I do have a ton of
turtles who spend winters in the garage with the positive cats & summers
 outdoors. That might be what he was referring to.
I asked him whether she liked where she was buried. He said, "She says it's
a memorial garden with flowers and a big oak tree, and she's with others."
Very true! And the strangest thing: I wondered if she was still around, and
he said, "You have a very big, comfortable bed with a very soft burgundy or
wine colored throw on it, and that's where she is." And yes - it's a thick,
double fleece wine colored big blanket, and it's always on the bed, and the
cats and the dogs love it as much as I do.
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