My dear Whimsy, little FeLV positive boy, is still in our yard.  You might 
recall I was trying to work on bringing him to our sunroom.  He developed a 
terrible ringworm (99% sure) which delayed that.  On the day I was to bring him 
in for a check up and treatment for ringworm (he used to be feral but now sits 
on my lap etc, but still needs sedation at vet) my indoor kitties had a 
terrible outbreak of calici, and we are still dealing with it. We have immune 
suppressed kitties inside and to protect Whimsy I had to stop touching him 
(even w/ my usual gloves).  I know it hurt his feelings but I still visited 
him.  He has been energectic, bouncy, hungry, fun, etc.  Tonight he showed up, 
won't eat, is twitching, running, then laying down and twitching and jerking 
and chewing on his toes.  He is coming up to all our windows and meowing (he 
never did that, he still was a bit cagey).  My boyfriend figured I got the 
calici from him and brought it in, so I
 can't interact with him. 
I keep telling him to hang in there and we'll figure it out we just need time.  
But this twitching? And if he won't eat? Even if I suited up he's not a cat who 
can be syringe fed.  I'm not used to considering 'no options'.  Is this the end?
:( Shannon

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