Or if he got into poison of some kind, time is of the essence and could mean
the difference between life and death for this kitty.

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I should also mention that he seems frantic too, and runs in bursts, jumps
on fences, but nearly falls off.  He's been running in circles in the
yard.   He also just let out a bunch of sneezes.  I hope I didn't give him
what my guys have, this has been a horrible time.
I always touched him w/ gloves, tied my hair back, etc.  
Is my only option??....I was so hoping we'd have him in during the Summer. 
He's about 1 /12 yrs old. We cannot bring him in, all the extra spots are
quarantined and I won't be allowed and I don't own the house and I
understand wanted to protect the others (who nearly died this week - needed
fluids, temps over 105, and we are still closely watching our FIV/HCM boy
and lupus/HCM boy.  This seems too cruel.  He needs me now to hold him and I
I assume he will go down hill quickly? I want to know he doesn't get so
confused that he runs off and gets hurt or attacked by a coyote (we had our
first in the yard the other day) 
Coming to grips with the fact that this is the first one I can't do
everything for is very difficult.

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My dear Whimsy, little FeLV positive boy, is still in our yard.  You might
recall I was trying to work on bringing him to our sunroom.  He developed a
terrible ringworm (99% sure) which delayed that.  On the day I was to bring
him in for a check up and treatment for ringworm (he used to be feral but
now sits on my lap etc, but still needs sedation at vet) my indoor kitties
had a terrible outbreak of calici, and we are still dealing with it. We have
immune suppressed kitties inside and to protect Whimsy I had to stop
touching him (even w/ my usual gloves).  I know it hurt his feelings but I
still visited him.  He has been energectic, bouncy, hungry, fun, etc. 
Tonight he showed up, won't eat, is twitching, running, then laying down and
twitching and jerking and chewing on his toes.  He is coming up to all our
windows and meowing (he never did that, he still was a bit cagey).  My
boyfriend figured I got the calici from him and brought it in, so I
 can't interact with him. 
I keep telling him to hang in there and we'll figure it out we just need
time.  But this twitching? And if he won't eat? Even if I suited up he's not
a cat who can be syringe fed.  I'm not used to considering 'no options'.  Is
this the end?
:( Shannon

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