last sunday (yes sunday, easter sunday-they are open 7 days a week with no 
extra charges on the weekend) to a vet. i think i mentioned them, they seem 
pretty knowledgeble with treating frlv from what i had seen on their web page. 
anyway, the vet didn't seem to think my cat was positive due to the fact he was 
indoors 24/7 and an adult and because he looked healthy. she said at most he 
might just be a carrier but wanted to retest him. she gave him an injection for 
his vomiting (which she says may have been caused by the baytil which he had 
just finished a 2 week course of it) and put him on pepsin for a week.anyway, 
she called with sports results of the ifa test. 

this certainly has been an experience, one i could have very well done without. 
but it is said there is a reason for everything. maybe what i have learned will 
come in handy in the future. i don't know.perhaps i should get a third opinion 
but i'm stopping with the second one. the vet said the results came back 
negative. needless to say, i cried tears of joy. if the first vet actually ran 
an ifa like he said he did and actually did get a positive, then sport has 
beaten the odds of .3%

my heart goes out to the rest of you. i can only hope that the future will 
bring a cure for this disease.  it is nothing a cat or cat owner should have to 


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