Thank-you for sharing his last day with us. I wish for you angel wings to
carry Casper to the other side and to hold you tonight and for many
tomorrows without your beloved Casper.

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I am heartbroken to say that this afternoon my sweet Casper lost his battle.
He was one of the most sweet tempered cats I have ever known.  He never ever
bit or clawed anyone in anger, not for any reason. 

 He used to come to bed and make bread in the middle of the night right into
my stomach until I got in the habit of sleeping while holding his paws
gently in my hands. 

 He loved nothing more then to be brushed with an old blue hairbrush.  In
the middle of the night last night I was spending what I was pretty sure was
my last few hours with him brushing him with it.  He was still pushing
against it with the sides of his face and purring.  This morning when I left
for work I told him goodbye and thanked him for coming to live with me and
being such a special kitty.  My mother in law sat with him today and he
passed around 2:30.  She told me the rest of the cats in the house came and
sat in a circle around him, almost like a vigil.  Orlando has slept near him
for the last several days and through the night. 

I hope now Casper is in a place where there is no more feline leukemia and
he can run free and watch the birds and chipmunks all he wants.  Whenever I
lose one of these sweet kitties they take a piece of my heart.
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