Joe, I was saddened to read that Stitch has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was 
loved, that's what is important.  We each do what we can to make our beloved 
companions comfortable and keep them health as long as possible.  Treasure the 
good memories.

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> Date: Thursday, April 8, 2010, 6:50 PM
> Good evening,
> I don't know if anyone currently active remembers me, I
> first signed up for this list in April of 2007, when one cat
> (Chewie) was diagnosed with FELV after getting sick.
> I haven't been really active on here since, but I thought
> I'd post again with an update. My original introduction
> message is copied below.
> It is with sadness that I report that Stitch, who I
> mentioned originally has having been tested shortly after
> Chewie died has now left us, almost exactly 3 years after
> Chewie did.
> Stitch has done great these last few years, we never had
> any problems and had some hopes that she might have fought
> the virus off.
> Sadly, this was not the case. She started acting sick this
> weekend and we brought her to the vet on Tuesday. She'd lost
> a few pounds since her last visit, and a blood test revealed
> that she was very low on red blood cells, the Vet thinking
> that she had a bone marrow disease as she didn't seem to
> have any new red blood cells at all (could this be
> myeloproliferative leukemia, which I've seen mentioned in
> other places?). Given that she was FELV positive and was
> clearly suffering, we decided to have her put to sleep.
> Anyway, though I haven't been really active here, folks
> were very helpful after my initial post and the info and
> support I did get here were instrumental in keeping Stich as
> healthy as she was for as long as she was. It's still really
> hard, but I know that we did everything that we could for
> her.
> She was a very special kitty, and she'll be greatly
> missed.
> These are direct links to photos I have stored on my
> Facebook stage, I'm not sure if they'll work like this, but
> we shall see. These are both very recent photos of Stitch:
> Thanks,
> Joe Reil


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