Here's the link for the American Association of Feline Practitioners:

If nothing else, this will give you a compact list of places to call with 
questions.  The search function is pretty good:)
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From: Stacy Zacher <>
Sent: Tue, April 13, 2010 4:26:05 PM
Subject: [Felvtalk] New to the FELV+ kitty group


We are new to the group. My (approximately) 13 year old male kitty has
been diagnosed with FELV via a SNAP test.  I found him as a stray when he was 
about age
1-2 and I did have him tested then. The test came back negative and I
proceeded to vaccinate him for FELV with yearly "boosters" as at the
time he was a semi-outdoor still. I don't recall if my vet had me do a
second test or not so I am rather surprised and shocked that he has
tested positive now but I've read it can happen. We have a bloodwork re-check 
tomorrow and the IFA test at the vet. 

We've been to an internal medicine specialist  for
a second  opinion on how we can manage this disease and keep him comfortable. 
showed up because his white blood cell count
has been abnormally low ever since we moved from one side our townhouse
to the other (Feb 2010) and he has been very stressed out ever since the move.
He was vomiting a lot in the recent past and I took him in again for testing.
The vet this time tested him for the FELV, FIV etc. His attitude seemed
inconsolable at times and he seemed to howl a lot and vocalize a lot as
though he is having issues or pain. But he runs up and down the stairs
with ease, jumps on to counters still and plays a bit but is less
active than he was in January. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated as far as best diet (he currently eats 
wellness canned and assorted other canned but only seems to like fish flavors 
now!  He eats Tasted of the Wild Dry salmon flavor as well).  

At the moment I've started him on Standard PRocess feline immune
support supplements. The vet put him on metronidazole in case he has bacterial 
overgrowth in his intestines and reglan for nausea/vomiting.  He seems to do 
well for about 4 days off reglan, then starts vomiting food again in the 
morning.   He is eating/drinking/ urinating/ defecating okay and seems to be 
howling less on the meds.    

I am looking for advice on treatments, immunotherapies etc. - both conventional 
and holistic.  

I've heard from others that immunoregulin works as does Imulan LTCI. I'd love 
to hear what helps your kitties.    If you know of any vets in Wisconsin in the 
Milwaukee county/Waukesha/ Jefferson County areas who specialize in FELV+ 
kitties, please let me know also. 

There is a great vet in Madison but that is a ways to drive for us in his 

Thanks so much for all your help. 

Stacy and Spanky in Wisconsin

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