re-read it folks, the cats were NOT tested with the IFA as far as i can
tell--just progressive SNAPs. they state that the IDEXX test is for ANTIGENS
(exposure) as i keep emphasizing, so the fact that the cat is ultimately
negative on a snap just proves what has actually been known for a long time:
70% of cats will NOT remain viremic!

and the very fact that they consistently say HIV for a feline population
tells me that they don't know their anal glands from their whiskers: HIV is
specific to humans, FIV to cats. (what part of FELINE don't these people
get?????? )

i also seriously question the reversal of the FIV cats, as i've never seen
or heard anything reliable in the literature about WESTERN-BLOT positive
FIVs being able to throw off the virus once it's established (which is what
the FIV part of the snap tests for, actual antibodies.)

i'll send this on to joel for his review,

where was this published, j? i can't believe it could have been in a
peer-reviewed pub, or that HIV/FIV nomenclature would have been caught.....

thanks for sharing it, tho.

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