as many of you know, for whatever reasons, there is an epidemic of "FeLV"
cats in shelters and rescues all over the country. in none of these cases do
the receiving groups seem to understand about the SNAP test being for
EXPOSURE, not infection; and even in the very few cases where they do, they
don't have room to hold them, anyway.

many of these cats are not only asymptomatic, but very healthy--and many
were clearly housecats tossed out onto the streets, possibly because their
humans couldn't afford their care any longer. in that case, their having
recently been exposed is even more likely than in more street-experienced

what they need are halfway houses: felv-savvy places to hang out, even in a
condo cage if that's all that's available, until their little furry bodies
have had a chance to process out the virus, or, if truly positive, to lounge
around until their forever homes appear.

if you have EVER, ever considered fostering, now is a time of great
need--for all cats and dogs, but most especially for these very
misunderstood (and usually misdiagnosed) dears.

(lots of FIVs coming in, too, but the western blot can be run immediately
after the snap, so there's no waiting time required.)

if you can help, PLEASE emeow me, and i'll not only add you to my own
contact list, but let you know which other groups to contact!

MC--but you knew that, didn't you?

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Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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