I just wanted to update you all where I'm at now.  I got an email from Dr.
Van Dyke, the biochemist involved in this treatment plan.

To set a few things straight - he was doing research to find a cure for
HIV/AIDS and using cats as an animal model.  The intermixed use of
FIV/HIV/Felv was in part because of the knowledge at the time concerning the
believed similarities of HIV and FIV and in part simply to say that
hopefully HIV would behave similarily to FIV and that his work on cats could
be carried over to people.  Probably not entirely accurate.

With respect to the patent being abandoned, it was but he sent me the number
of different patent - #6514955.

Finally - and I will ask him about this - the paper describes latently
infected cats (this by definition means integrated into the host DNA) - but
I will clarify this with him.

Apparently, what this does is use antioxidants and steroids in combination
to suppress the production of virus.  It does not 'cure' anyone in that the
viral DNA is still within the cat cells, but they are not able to multiple
and thereby infect other cells.  This, by the way, is the essence of HAART
therapy currently used to treat HIV (the difference is that the drugs used
now directly inhibit viral activity, in Van Dyke's approach,it is an attempt
to get the body to do it for you).

The value of this is that if the virus cannot replicate, it cannot mutate
(the mutated form of felv is the one that is thought to cause the
hematologic diseases and it not contagious; i.e. the virus must mutate
within the cat in order to cause these problems).  The downside is that the
treatment is lifelong.

I will ask him for more information and keep you updated.

Hope this helps.

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