You sound like an amazing person, Alice. How wonderful of you to have loved 
these babies so much. Good luck to you with your upcoming appointment & I hope 
you are blessed with some help with your home.
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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 09:45:00 
Subject: [Felvtalk] Just checking in...Murphy and Rosie

I've been off boardsĀ for a bit-This whole FeLV thing is so sad-reading all the 
new people's posts desperately seeking information and hope (like me a year and 
a half ago). Then reading as our sweet little babies lose their battle with 
this dreaded disease-LikeĀ the 4 sibling brothers I had. We have been lucky so 
far with Murphy and Rosie since starting the Imulan treatments last September 
(before they had any symptoms). Their bloodwork has been pretty good-both have 
HCT in the 35-39 range. We got behind in the blood testing and have an appt 
today because Murphy has developed a sneeze that appears to be allergies, but I 
cannot take a chance-so we will have them both checked and I may get brave and 
order another FeLV test-This is so hard financially-in a year and a half-we had 
the 6 kitties to the vets on numerous occasions-tried one transfusion that 
didn't help ($1500 for that alone) we are damned if we do and damned if we 
don't-it rips your heart out-we
 tried to treat this disease and have spent our savings - got behind and are 
fighting foreclosure...(over 7500 in vet bills in the past 1 1/2 yrs on the 6 
kitties-and that's not the old dogs or horses) it's a disease of the heart-we 
were so heartbroken and desperate to save this feral litter-we loved them so 
much....and we weren't even "cat people" until we rescued them. Their sweet 
little faces and kitten could you resist?? Anyway-the last 2 
appear to be well so far and we were at 8 weeks apart with the injections-have 
one dose each left and I've postponed giving it to stretch the dollars. So we 
are headed to our vet for check ups and blood work today. I just want to say 
"bless you" to all of you-this is a battle not won too often, but your support 
and kind words have helped so many of us!
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