Hello all,
Thanks for the advice so far. 
My vet did not do a leukemia test that I know of. This last time I think he 
just did a CBC. Because her lymphocyte count had jumped from 25,000 to 38,000 I 
guess he assumes she has leukemia/lymphoma. He did send the blood to a 
university hospital but I don't know where. To my knowledge there are no 
oncologists or hemotologists in my area. Unfortunately I cannot afford a 
specialist any way. I would be willing to look into this vitamin C treatment 
though if it was within our budget. Unfortunately for us all my husband is not 
an animal lover like me and doesn't want to spend any extra money on Kia or the 
You'd think with all the medical advances these days, they would have a cure 
for these common feline killers. 
thanks again,

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