Any chance of finding another vet???

Re chemo: That is what the experts wanted to do to the Royal Princess Kitty Katt for cancer. I talked to her regular vets and we decided that the chemo would take an awful toll on Kitty, making her miserable. We opted to do nothing. This is what I chose based on her personality and the very honest information I got from my vets at Middletown Animal Clinic. Sometimes you need to get an objective opinion and information about a lot of things. You can't afford it. Do not feel bad about that. This may be a kindness.

Do you have access to a homeopathic vet? I have a wonderful one who has treated six of my wonderful guys and girls for various things. Just an idea.
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Hi all,
Thanks for the info on the vitamins. Can I get the vitamin C and add it to her food as well? This vet only offered me two suggestions. The meds I mentioned and chemo. No way could I afford chemo treatments unfortunately. If I could give Kia something natural while not being expensive I would definitely try. I don't know if the vet would be open to IV vitamin C or not. Would have to ask. Please let me know about dosages for those vitamins. Kia is only about 6.7 lbs now. I agree that most researchers aren't interested in curing animals of their diseases. Guess there isn't enough money in it for them.
Thanks again for the help.

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