I agree using these meds will help if Bartonella is present.
I recently took in some kitties that were sick and one of them had Bartonella and he was put on the antibiotics that was described below. He too had lingering a URI and a snotty nose he as given Clavamox for 3 weeks when we decided this wasn't happening. So he was taking both Clavamox and the Azithromycin.
I seen results within 48 hours. He is on his way to recovery right now.
I'm so pleased about this as poor guy came from a hoarding situaion so he has gone through so much.

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Hi Alice,

Might be a long shot, but if no one sees anything in the posted test results, you might consider testing for Bartonella. Several of my guys have tested positive. Symptoms vary but two had a cough, one had eye discharge, one was sneezing. Treatment is a 20 day round of azithromycin, which can be compounded with fish flavoring to make it easier to administer. I mix it in their wet food.

---- Alice Flowers <> wrote:

We took Murphy in on 04/25 because he developed a sneeze-first we thought allergies because we had been opening the doors and the screens were letting in pollens-everything is blooming. They gave us Cyproheptadine-1/2 tab 2x a day, but we switched to 1/4 tab 3x a day. The 1/2 had him sleeping all the time...but no sneezing-as soon as he woke up, the sneezing began again. We called the Dr and picked up some Penn G and I gave him 5/8 cc injection-the sneezing was gone by the 2nd day. I just gave him the 2nd shot today. We had both Murphy and Rosie FeLV tested again-both still positive...sigh, we had such high hopes. Murphy's RBC is 1/2 what it was in Jan. He seems ok, just not 100%-he has lost a little weight. I stopped giving interferon a few months ago to try and save a little-bad idea-I have him back on 2x a day now. They have both been on the LTCI since September and doing great, but I have them out to 10 weeks now since they were doing so well. I took
it for granted. I'm not sure what the blood test results mean-he had been staying in the same ranges until this last test, maybe his being sick with the sneezing (no cough, or snotty nose-just bouts of sneezing) has affected the tests. Also this last week, he has developed a "weepy" eye. That worries me the most-all 4 of the brothers that died before they were a year old had one weepy looking eye. Here are the results, maybe someone will have an idea. Sorry to throw this out there-but I know there are some medical savvy people on this site. Any help is so greatly appreciated.

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