I don't want to say this, but the bloodwork worries me.  The neutrophils are
elevated- which alone would comfort me in believing that there is simply a
bacterial infection that could be treated with antibiotics.  Whatever else,
the elevated neutrophils highly suggests a bacterial infection of some
sort.  What worries me is the drop in RBC and lymphocytes as well as the
increase in MCV.  This can be seen in felv disease progression.  Basically
the MCV is the size of the RBCs.  This suggests to me that the RBCs are
either reticulocytes (immature RBCs that are usually present in felv when
they have something like bartonella or a similar disease process) or when
their bone marrow is making sick RBCs as is seen when the virus mutates and
causes bad disease.

There are two things I would like to know in this case.  One, did they give
you a value for the reticuloctye count? Two, did a pathologist or even the
vet look at the blood smear to see if there was any agglutination of the

I have to be honest with you that I really don't like the blood work.  I
agree with the others in that azithromycin is a stellar drug in this
situation -hopefully bartonella is causing the anemia rather than mutated
virus, and calicivirus causing the eye drainage.

The good news is that I don't really see evidence of a lymphoma.  If he is
going downhill he's just beginning to go there.  If it were me, I would
treat this aggressively.  By that I mean antibiotics for the possible
Bartonella (blood smear would show agglutination and you can look at
Murphy's ears to see if the skin is yellow, yellow suggests jaundice that
can occur when the rbcs are destroyed by bartonella), lysine for the
calicivirus, LTCI injections more frequently and interferon as you had been
doing it.  You could try the acemannan injections - but I'm not sure about
any drug interactions here, I would research that a little first.

I have been impressed recently with orthomolecular therapy including Vitamin
C, Vitamin E, vitamin A Vitamin D fish oil and NAC.  It would not be a bad
idea to add cod liver oil and mega C to his diet.  NAC can be added
separately.  Finally, there is an immune support tablet made by Standard
Process that may provide added support.  I have no solid studies on it, but
perhaps a combination of treatments including megavitamin therapy, LTCI,
interferon and antibiotic treatment could help.

There are a lot of possibilities and which one or group of meds you chose is
up to you.  One word of caution, prednisone is often used in the treatment
of bartonella but will disminish the effects of LTCI.

My heart goes out to you right now.  There is hope, as there is always hope,
and I will pray for you and your little one.


On Sun, May 9, 2010 at 1:08 PM, <> wrote:

> Hi Alice,
> I noted you've cut your LTCI administration back to 10 weeks.   I give it
> once a month, might not be necessary, but I'm not comfortable cutting back
> any further.
> If you can afford it, I'd be inclined to restart the sequence at once per
> week for a month, then every other week, etc.  The Gingerich paper on LTCI
> showed a RBC improvement of 30%, which would help. That plus the extra
> immune system support may be just what Murphy needs.
> Terry
> ---- Alice Flowers <> wrote:
> =============
>  I am going to put asterisks between them-
> ********04/25******01/08******11/21/09******REFERENCE
> WBC*****7.8********6.2********6.6***********4.2-15.6
> RBC*****4.85*******10.95******10.22*********6.0-10.0
> HGB*****11.1*******14.4*******12.8**********9.5-15
> HCT*****32.3*******39.5*******36************29-45
> MCV*****67*********36*********35************41-58
> MCH*****22.9*******13.1*******12.5*********11.0-17.5
> MCHC****34.4*******36.5*******35.6**********29-36
> the dates******04/25****01/08***11/21/09***reference
> Neutrophil Seg***85*****62*****34***********35-75
> Lymphocytes******7******29*****55***********20-55
> Monocytes********5******4******5*************1-4
> Eosinophil*******3******6******6*************2-12
> Basophil*********0******0******0**************0-1
> Auto Platelet****638****87?****343**********170-600
> Absol. Neutophil Seg**6630**3844**2244*****2500-12500
> Absol. Lymphocyte*****546***1798***3630****1500-7000
> Absol. Monocyte****390*****248****330*******0-850
> Absol. Eosinophil***234***372***396*********0-1500
> Absol. Basophil*******0****0****0**********0-100
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