but there's a catch. one of them, we're told, is FILV positive. it's
life-time companion is not, nor are the resident cats where the two have
been staying. we've been trying to explain that there is no such thing as
FILV, and that we really need to know what the kitty is positive FOR, on
what test, etc. we can't even tell them what confirmatory test to use, as we
don't know what kitty tested positive for. nor do we know why the cats were
tested AFTER they went into foster care.

so, yes, we're looking for someone in the OK area who might be able to
foster two five-year-old girls who are missing their human soldier, til
he/she returns by oct 31 at the latest (could be as early as sometime in
september.) one of the cats may be positive for FIV, in which case she was
probably vaccinated; we're looking into the accuracy of the IDEXX RealPCR
test that supposedly can discriminate (sometimes!) between the vaccine and
natural strains, and might suggest it. (julie levy, dvm, does a video piece
on the idexx website about the problems with testing after vaccination, and
how the RealPCR test can be an assist.....)

the cat may also have been exposed to FeLV, and by the time we get an answer
to what she tested positive for, may have already processed it out of her
little system..... (she's a big healthy kitty, 12# or so, i gather).

so i can't really give actual INFORMATION or anything, but should anyone
appear in your life looking to care for two military cats who probably are
perfectly healthy, if a bit confused, you know where to find me. when i have
more information, i'll share it!

MaryChristineVille, where nothing is ever simple

in fact, let's make it even less simple: if you've read this far, respond to
this address: helping...@purebredcats.org

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