Beth, so sorry to hear about Dante. How wonderful that your group always has
someone with the kitties when they are going to cross. Bless you all. I know
what you mean about not being ready. I always tell myself that the new kitty
needs me. Maybe even that my kitty who passed sent the new one to me to
comfort me.

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Dear Beth.....I'm so sorry Dante has moved on.  We will light a candle for
him tonight in SoCal.   Just a little spot of light to remind him how much
he was loved and will be missed in case he looks over his shoulder.
Blessings to you.   Sara

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My FeLV foster kitty Dante passed over the Rainbow Bridge today. I only had
him a few months, but loved him dearly. He preferred human company over
kitty company, but was tolerant of the other kitties. He was a beautiful
grey boy pulled from Animal Control by the rescue I work with. It will be a
long time before I stop expecting to see him in his bed.
He went downhill fast the last 2 weeks. The X-rays done yesterday indicated
he was full of tumors. Luckily he had the lady who originally pulled him
from AC to be there with him. Our group never lets animals be euthanized
without someone from the shelter being there, for which I am very grateful.
It looks like I will be getting a new FeLV kitty from a friend tonight. Not
sure I'm ready.

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