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Subject: [Felvtalk] Whimsy update - happy news
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Date: Wednesday, June 9, 2010, 7:45 PM

Just wanted to give an update on Whimsy, originally a feral I was going to 
TNR.  He went for another visit about 6 weeks ago to the vet and surprisingly 
everything was 'perfect'.  I know how things change quickly with these guys, 
but it was still a celebration.  Since then, he's been wayyy more interested in 
coming in.  He DOES have the sunroom (our others miss laying about in the rays, 
but they'll recover) all to himself. (I think it's great he can feel he's still 
a part of the outdoors, with all the windows in there) He comes in before dark 
and is out in the morning.  Usually he stays in the yard, his box, or in the 
sunroom during the day - he gets really upset if he's locked inside too long, 
so he's still outside when he wants for short periods. He mostly sits with us, 
watches the fish in the pond, or climbs the large tree.  I have a feeling come 
fall, he's going to be strictly inside.  Now, when he wanders a bit, we call 
him and he's
 within earshot - he comes bounding through the yard like a puppy (don't tell 
him I made a canine comparison, please).  So, we have done this at 'his pace'.  
 He's become the 'lappiest' cat I have ever had, always wanting to cuddle.  He 
truly wants to meet the others inside, and it's so sad to see him look at the 
'real inside' of the house, wanting to come in.  But, he's got his own toys, 
scratcher, catnip, etc.  And it's about a year ago I first saw him - a skittish 
bundle of black and white, untrusting and scared.  These guys really teach us 
to not believe the word impossible, don't they?
This group helped sooo much.  So, Whimsy's success is shared by all here.

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