My vet looked into getting interferon omega from Europe for Spanky. It turns 
out that it would be about $1000-$2000 and would take 6-8 weeks AND that 
doesn't even mean it would be shipped so that we can be sure it remains stable 
(it cannot be warm at all).  Thus, we are going to go with interferon alpha as 
it is available here and a lot of you use it with good results. If that doesn't 
seem to do much for him, we'll add the Imulan LTCI injections with the 

I'm curious how those of you use interferon dilute and store it in the fridge 
and freezer? I know I've seen people advise how they do this on this list but I 
couldn't figure out a way to search the archives without going through every 
single message for each month. 
I found mini ice cube trays on the internet and wonder if there is something 
better (syringes frozen?)

Also, how long do you wait between blood panels to see if it has helped kitty? 
one month? two months? 

Thanks so much for your help. 
Stacy and Spanky


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