Acemannan is now made by Veterinary Products Laboratories and I don't see any indication of it not being available. There was a price jump end of last year, how much did you pay for it? The VPL site had the name of a vet who was involved in the original trials as their technical representative, but I don't see anyone listed for that product now. I think my vet may still have his name and number, but they are closed on Wed., I will check on Thur.

When I used it, the protocol was one shot a week for six weeks (given IP) and then one shot a month that can be given sub-q. Also, the vet for VPL told me that you can keep the mixed Acemannan for up to a week in the fridge and freeze it for up to a month, even though the instructions say you have to use it in 4 hours.


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My 8 year old cat had Feline Leukemia at age 1 1/2. We found out about Acemannan by doing research online. It worked beautifully and he was free of Leukemia after one year, at which time we stopped the Acemannan. He was normal until last Dec when his bone marrow went haywire and stopped producing platelets, white and red blood cells. Since then we've had him on prednisone, and other meds. We went back to Acemannan and he has just had his fifth injection (he gets one injection every week for six weeks).

I need to know what to do after his sixth injection. Does anyone know? The lab went bankrupt; my vet can still get it from his supplier, but we have no way to call the manufacturer to find out what is next after the sixth injection. Last time, we went to once a month injections, but because this is not exactly Feline Leukemia, but caused by his Feline Leukemia, it might be a different situation.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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