I applaud you for taking Little Tommy.  I have a FELV+ kitty named Maddie, 
she was diagnosed positive by both the Elisa test and the IFa test in 2008, I 
tried the interferon for her late 2008 and a little into 2009, Maddie did not 
do well with that at all, my vet wanted me to use it 7 days on and 7 days off 
and the 7 days she was on were awful, she was very lethargic, did not want to 
play or eat, so we quit giving it to her.  We started giving her the Mega C 
plus by Wendell Belfield mid 2009 and she has done wonderful with that.  She 
has gained about 6 pounds and runs and plays. We have not tried anything else 
for her, other than good food, no stress and giving her lots of love.  Good 
Luck with Tommy. Please keep us updated on him.


~Marci & Maddie~
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