I received a bottle of interferon from my vet. He told me it was a 90 day 
supply but it says discard after 30 days on the bottle. I know many posts have 
said that you draw it up into syringes and then freeze and I know it doesn't 
last long.  I'm guessing I need to do that but my vet told me to call the 
compounding pharmacy that diluted it and sent it and just make sure. 

The bottle says Interferon Alpha 2B 60 IU/ML 45 ML give .5 ML by mouth once 
daily.  I thought I had read most people are giving 1 ML daily or 7 on 7 off? 
This came from US Compounding with an address in Conway AZ.  I didn't get much 
instruction with the bottle! 

So I am wondering about freezing and then do you know of any economic sites 
where I can buy the 1 ML syringes in a box off 100 and the syringe caps? I am 
also looking for empty small gelcaps. 

Stacy and Spanky


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