Dear all,

Thank you for your support and your words.

Sara: Thanks a lot. I was the lucky one for finding her, and for being able
to put her in my car and take her home.

Barb: It's true, I will remember her and miss her everyday in my life. I
didn't had the chance to learn about leukemia, but I did had the chance to
learn about anemia, in case someone needs anything. She also taught me so
many daily things.

MaryChristine: Thanks so much for your words.
About CoQ10, I have done a lot of research, since one of our dogs, has
cardiomiopathy and needs it in her daily diet. How do I upload files?

Sharyl and Sally: Thanks for your words. I will always cherish the good
memories with her, starting the day I rescued her. One of my favorites is
how I taught her to jump into my arms. She was a very intelligent kitty, so
easy to train.

Shannon: Thanks. I keep telling her how much I love her.

Dlgegg: Thanks for the prayers.

Lisa Borden: One of the things I learned is that the FeLV is not functional
outside the kitty's body, in other words, it doesn't "survive" in the
outside. Good luck with your new kitty.

Lorrie: Indeed having a chance to say good-bye helped me, and I hope it also
helped her. Thank you.

Natalie: Thanks for your condolences and I'm really sorry to hear about your
cat. A guy who helped me a lot with Beltza, is Dr. Arnold Plotnick, he lives
in Manhattan, and he was of great help through email. His web page is
I trust (a lot) my vet, but I wanted a second opinion. I was very relieved
to see that both had the same diagnose and both suggested the same
treatments. I just think Dr. Plotnick explained things better to me.
We have another cat, and two dogs. I constantly rescue dogs and cats from
the streets. We keep the sick ones (or the ugly ones which nobody wants), as
I only see beauty in them. I am sure Beltza will send me a kitty when she
selects it and when the grieve has passed. Beltza was my boyfriend's
favorite, so I think he is the one that should decide or rescue the new one.
Please let me know if I can be of any help. Thanks for your words.

Best wishes,
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