Amy--being irresponsible would have been if you hadn't given it a second
thought!  Wolfie sounds like a wonderful cat who knows his own mind and who
lets you know what he wants & needs & what he can or can't do.  After all,
our kitties only let us THINK we're in charge--they KNOW that we really
belong to them and not the other way around!  

Christiane Biagi

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Thanks to all that have replied.  My gut tells me to let Wolfie do what he
wants.  That's the way it has always been with him and I don't think he'd
have it any other way to be honest.  I guess I just needed reassurance that
I wasn't being an irresponsible mom.  Thanks for all the support!  


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> Amy, I've had several FelV cats with
> back leg problems, and 
> they seem to know when it's time to stop climbing stairs
> or
> trying to jump up on things.  I'd let him do what he
> thinks
> he is up to doing. To restrict him would stress him, and 
> this is always bad for FelV cats.
> Lorrie


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