Thanks for the news on Acemannan Gary. That is really too bad about it being 
off the market now.  
I have a question on Spanky. We have a vet appt on Saturday for his 2nd LTCI 
Imulan injection. Now his cyst in his whiskers seems to be getting larger. 
Yesterday he scratched it and kept breaking it open and was bleeding all over. 
Short of putting an e-collar on him I'm not sure what else to do!  I've been 
putting triple antibiotic on it and he licks it right off. The vet will look at 
it Saturday of course.  Should I have them aspirate it? I am just afraid of any 
ramifications if they open it and make things worse and he gets an infection. 
If the recommend antibiotics should I give them to him? He was on metronidazole 
a few times since march for intestinal issues.  I guess I feel really stupid 
asking all of this but if it weren't an immune suppressed kitty, it would be 
easier to figure out.  They suggested that his cysts could really be mast cell 
tumors - the one his his face grew in the last month (or became infected and 
swelled up). His routine
 has been the same, eating/drinking/using this box all okay.   Any ideas or 
thoughts are greatly appreciated. 
PS I had read turmeric was good for tumors/cysts but most of what I find is for 
dogs and then there is a percentage that says never feed it to your cat or dog. 

Thanks much, Purrs, Stacy and Spanky

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