So sorry, I am so behind on emails. My kitty was almost dead by the time we 
realized what he had. He was hiding & I tore the house apart for 2 days trying 
to find him.
He had to have a blood transfusion & intervenous Doxyclycline. Once treated he 
responded rapidly. But it cost me $3,000 over 4 days. 
If the cat is not that sick, they usually just treat it with Doxy.
Dont Litter, Fix Your Critter!   

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Subject: [Felvtalk] hemobartonella and possible FeLV interested party in NY!
Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 11:17 PM

I have 2 questions! One fl\or Paola and one for Beth. Paola, I would love to 
know who in NY is even somewhat interested in an FeLV+ cat as I have one who 
may or may not need a home and I just brought 2 kittens to a sanctuary 
yesterday, and I owuld love for them to have a real home (I live in NY). Also, 
Beth, I just had my rescue cat who has FeLV diagnosed today with hemobartonella 
and I have a really bad feeling about it. She is not eating well, is depressed, 
lost 1.5 lbs in a little over a month (and she was skinny before). She was 
5.5lbs and is now 4 lbs. I'm really worried and sad for her and I want to do 
all I can to help, but I don't want to make her suffer, and I have three of my 
own cats to worry about plus all the other rescues. This is getting very 
costly! So if you know of something that might help the hemobartonella, please 
let me know! Thanks

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