I have a photograph - tried sending it, but it seems too large to be
accepted by this group. If anyone wants to see it, please let me know and
I'll shoot it off immediately!  Thanks, 




Contact person (s) below:

This beautiful, sweet kitty has a snowball's chance in Hell at NY ACC...she
must be rescued ASAP!!!! Hurry and give her a chance at life she is just a
baby, and very often when re-tested these kitties are NEGATIVE!!! Getting
her pulled is not a problem, just need to find someone with a big heart
willing to take her in!!! Please hurry before they destroy this precious


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Subject: NY, NY FELV Positive Kitty's Very Last Chance 


JULY 29, 2010



 ****Can Anyone Take In An FELV Positive Youngster Who Needs A Home
Desperately? Let's Not Cry For Her Later And Ask Why No One Stepped Up To
Save Her Life... Her Only Life~ (Trudy Schilder) 



Sweet Girl&nbsp;Tested Positive For Feline Leukemia. 

Her Best Chance Is With A Special Needs Rescuer! Where Are You? Are You
There? <http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=422125702239
&amp;id=1652613571>  Please, if you have others, could you make room for


At the Manhattan AC&C shelter: Sneezie Sweet Girl #A864590 / 3 month old,
unspayed female stray. Rated no concern/alert. Came in June 26! If you would
like to adopt Sneezie, please contact me either here on FB or at:
markro...@verizon.net <mailto:markro...@verizon.net>   and I'll see if I can
find someone who will pull her for you...



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