Well, in the last 2 weeks, Murphy has gone from crashed and not moving with 
white gums and little appetite to slowly improved and now pretty normal acting. 
He does sleep a bit more and doesn't race around the house with Rosie (hallway 
racing), but does fly up the cat tree to the ceiling once or twice a day and 
will make it to the top of the bookcase in the spare room for a nap. On 7/23 
PCV was 18.5 and TP 4.2. Almost a week later his PCV was 23 and TP 5.0 on the 
house test. The CBC from the lab test on 7/23 showed RBC 3.52, HCT 22.3. I 
it's the Procrit injections that are helping-he's had 7 in the last 2 weeks-we 
are giving them at home to save a little $ and trips to the vet. They've (both 
cats) also had their LTCI injection 2 weeks ago. His gums 
and tongue are definitely pink now, much better from the gray-white of 2 weeks 
ago. He's also been on Doxy 2x a day, Interferon 1cc 2x a day, an iron capsule 
once a day. I've been mixing a little lysine powder and "Missing Link" (vitamin 
Bs and stuff like kelp) supplement with their wet food. So we have our paws 
crossed and are saying purrayers! I know deep down that this darn disease will 
win eventually, but we are fighting as best we can. We've had so much loss 
already losing Rosie's 4 brothers last year-they (and we) were so cheated, not 
making it to a year old. Alice and Glenn-fur parents
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