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My little man is sleeping alot. The weirdest thing is that he has been sleeping 
with us the last few nights and is spending days on the bed-he never does this. 
He is the one perched on the cat tree, on a bookcase or in his favorite 
cardboard boxes near the computers.  I have been giving him syringes of water 
his mouth to keep him hydrated. I have been adding water to his wet food with 
the supplements. When he is up and about, he wants to be really near-when I go 
out into the garage-he waits by the door for me to come in. I don't know if his 
time is now or a while, but I am overwhelmed with heartache-I do not think he 
will survive this roller coaster ride. Poor Rosie is having to amuse herself as 
he is not playing anymore, gone are the nightly hallway races that end at the 
top of one of the cat trees. He is still on all the meds and I'll give him an 
LTCI along with the Procrit today, but he seems so tired.  I hate this disease.
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