Here are my re-testing experiences:

Two individual kittens (separately found, separate fosters, same time
period) found approx. 8 weeks old.  Each tested "light" positive (sorry, I
know it is said there is no such thing but I am stating in case it is of
interest and since they coincidentally are the ones we've had go negative)
for FELV.  Re-tested 4 - 6 weeks later on IFA & Snap tests:  both negative
for both kittens.

One litter of 4 kittens from double (FIV/FELV) positive Mom.  Kittens taken
from Mom at approx. 6 weeks of age.   All test FIV+; one tests FELV strong
positive; one "light" FELV positive; 2 FELV negative.  Retested & retested
(3 times I think), all cleared the FIV but were FELV+.

We had another clear the virus, but was an adult, FIV+ and "light" FELV+,
retested 6 weeks later and was negative (positive for FIV only).

Now have a gorgeous, sweet, absolutely precious little Siamese girl approx.
6 months old rescued from a terrible neighborhood where she turned up at a
colony of mine, she tested FIV+ and "light" FELV positive Saturday, I will
post an update in a month or so when she is retested.

Again, I am only posting the "light" comments since this is how the info was
relayed to me from vets in those cases and in case it is of interest as I
know how it is to wonder about every little detail & "what if" as one
considers their own complicated rescue situations:(

Wishing all the best,


On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 1:38 AM, paola cresti <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I volunteer at a kitten rescue organization, and talking about all the
> loving,
> caring people on this listserv the people at the organization were
> wondering for
> those who have kittens that were tested positive, how often and how many
> (average if you've rescued many) turn out to be negative when/if re-tested
> later
> on?
> It would be especially good to know in case we rescue kittens that test
> positive. Knowing of actual cases and occasions of kittens that turned out
> to be
> negative when tested later on would help a lot in dealing with possible
> cases,
> and trying to get them adopted.
> thank you so much in advance, and I hope this gets through, several of my
> posts/replies to posts haven't been showing up (on my end anyway)
> Best
> Paola
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