Wolfie left us today after a long battle with leukemia.  I took him in 6 years 
ago after he was found in a pole barn and was going to be put to sleep after 
testing positive.  I still remember going to see him for the first time.  He 
had cuts under his eyes and looked so sad.  I couldn't possibly resist even 
though my husband is horribly allergic to cats.  Wolfie thrived in our home and 
was a joy to live with for the past 6 years.  The horrible sores under his eyes 
went away and he grew to be one of my biggest boys.  He was always a momma's 
boy and spent hours and hours on my chest purring and kneading daily.  Even 
when I was pregnant, he spent every night on my belly.  He was the most 
opinionated cat I've ever had and he insisted on his way at all times but it 
was an honor to know him.  

He was diagnosed with non-regenerative anemia on my b-day last year and has 
graced me with almost another year to enjoy him.  I'm so grateful for that time 
with him.  He has fought for the last year with such strength, courage and 
amazing determination.  However, he decided today was the end of the fight.  I 
wouldn't expect anything less from him.  My favorite number is 23 (hence my 
e-mail address awilkins23) and while it's a sad day, I'm glad that I will think 
of Wolfie with wonderful memories every time I see that number.

Thanks for all the advice and support that I've been given while trying to help 
Wolfie beat this disease.



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