My 10+ yo cat, Vixen, now has FeLV+ spinal fluid and brain inflammation which 
is causing head bobbing and weakness/uncoordination in the back legs.  The most 
likely scenario is now lymphoma.  She has always been very robust and healthy 
(and pink) even though being diagnosed with FeLV as a kitten.

Now, this.

She is still eating good although she has lost a little weight -- she still 
likes to be around me and the other cats, but...  I have an apptmt with the 
oncologist next week, and just don't know whether to treat or to do simply 
pallative care.  I know cats can respond well to chemo, but my other cancer 
cats did not have FeLV.  So I was looking for any ideas, suggestions, etc., 
that folks might have.

She is still on some antibiotics while we wait for final reports on several 
infectious diseases but the prelim reports have showed no infectious diseases.  
She is also taking an anti-inflammatory dose of pred.

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