Thanks, agreed here. We've always had such a great, supportive and informative list here on FELVtalk. And although there are some disagreements, this particular topic has been helpful.


On Aug 27, 2010, at 4:41 PM, Barb Moermond wrote:

I think that in order to keep this a civil and safe place to exchange
information, we need to please address any issues we have with other
list-members directly to them - off list. It's also a good idea to evaluate whether it's the content of the message that irks or the way it is being perceived - and then to also remember that plain text does not convey any other
secondary communication - body language, tone etc.

my .02
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Also, you are coming across in e-mails as very abrasive. You are not the only one that rescues/cares for/knows about FeLV and you should respect other people's perspectives and experiences. I gave her an 'What I would do' scenario based on my personal experiences. I have been on this list for many many years and perhaps do not respond as much as you do but am in no way a novice when it
comes to these matters.
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