Has anybody had a problem with high calcium levels after feeding EVO?  I 
changed my household to it over a year ago when Wolfie was losing weight.  At 
one of his last visits, his calcium tested just slightly elevated.  Now I've 
taken my FIV+ cat in and she is also testing high for calcium.  She seems 
perfectly healthy and my vet recommended we look at the diet before getting all 
freaked out by the high calcium. 

EVO says it contains about 2.59% calcium.  My vet says this is about double 
what most of the foods she looked up contain.  The pet store told me that the 
grain free foods can contain more of stuff because the idea is that the pet 
will eat less of it than other foods.  I'm going to contact the company but 
just wondered if anybody else has experienced this with cats on EVO.  



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