GLOW to light his path and ease your heart.  Don't beat yourself up; our little 
loves hide weakness and sickness incredibly well.
 Barb+Smoky the House Puma+El Bandito Malito

"My cat the clown:  paying no mind to whom he should impress.  Merely living 
life, doing what pleases him, and making me smile." 

- Anonymous

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Tiger didn't have FeLV, but he passed away last night, much too soon. He was 
thirteen. I'd had him for three years.  He was always a gentleman & a loving, 
sweet boy. Three weeks ago we went to the vet. Something was wrong; he was 
sluggish and not eating well. It turns out he had a large abcess in his throat. 
The abcess was lanced, a whole lot of dead tissue was removed, we were sent 
with antibiotics and everyone thought things would be fine. They weren't - 
was a second vet visit last Monday, the abcess was drained again & he was given 
more fluids. Tiger was hospitalized this Monday. The abcess wouldn't clear up, 
and even though he was given a stronger antibiotic he just couldn't fight the 
infection. I visited him yesterday and he ate for me and purred and purred. I 
didn't want to get my hopes up too high, but I still wasn't expecting my vet to 
call this morning & give me the news that he'd died. I thought maybe we had a 
little bit of a
chance. It turns out that Tiger had a hole in his esophagus; he must have 
ingested something that cut him. I would give anything to have him back with me.
I wish I had taken him in sooner. He'd been quiet this summer, and not sleeping 
with me at night like he normally did, but everybody was quiet this summer 
because the house was so warm. Nobody else was snuggling with me on the bed 
either. I didn't pick up on the little signs that he wasn't feeling well. If I 
had, he might still be alive today.
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