We adopted a kitten when we lived in Sweden years ago. We walked her on a
leash in a park across the street, and either my husband or I had to walk in
front of her, and Tita would follow.  She loved watching the birds that were
in the aviaries in the park.

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A safer option might be to order Fiji a harness and taking her for walks.
It's pretty hard to walk a cat with a collar but a harness is pretty safe.
You;d have to put it on her a few times inside 1st so she got used to it.
Then she could safely explore the great outdoors.  By the way you don't walk
a cat.  They walk you.  LOL

Mattie, my blind FeLV kitty loved going outside and exploring.  I used a
harness and one of those retractable leashes.

> On Sep 17, 2010, at 11:04 PM, Melinda Kerr wrote:
> > I forgot to add that on our very small base there are
> no wild animals, most strays are caught almost immediately (
> Fuji is collared and chipped) and the likelihood of Fuji
> coming across and getting into a confrontation with another
> cat are very slim.  Most people who have cats brought
> them from the states and have already had them
> vaccinated.  Again, very few are actually let
> out.  The speed limit on most of the base is less than
> 40 kilometers per hour (about 25 mph.)  I know there
> are a lot of things she can come across if she goes
> outside.  I'll probably keep trying to sit out with her
> as I have done since she got sick.  However, if she
> occasionally manages to escape my clutches, I won't worry
> too much!  She stays pretty close and always comes home
> in a couple of hours.  I really am trying to do my best
> to keep her healthy and happy.
> > 
> > Thanks again for your input and concern.
> > 
> > Melinda and Fuji


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