How kind you were to try and save your kitty. Sometimes there really isn't anything we can do. You love for Cheshire was probably the greatest gift and most comforting thing you could give her. Deepest condolences, and prayers of love and light for Cheshire in her crossing.
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My sweet, beautiful little Cheshire crossed the rainbow bridge last Wednesday night. She had only been sick for less than 10 days. She was on antibiotics and some pred for 10 days for gum problems. I was going to schedule her for a
cleaning in a few weeks, but her health seemed to decline a few days after
that. She started hiding under the bed, and not eating, when seh came out, I saw a growth on her throat area, adn took her to the vet. They weren't sure if it was a abcess or worse. I took her back seveveral times over the course of 6 days, she had to be given fluids through IV, and I syringe fed her. I've never been through anything like this before. I was praying for her. On wednesday
they told me they couldn't do surgery to remove the cyst 'cause she was so
anemic and her blood count was so low, it looked like she had leukemia. The
only thing to do was bring her home or try to get her more help at the vet
hospial where they have cancer specialists for a transfusion. I brought her
there. They had an extensive list of treatment for her, and costs. It was

I gave them permission for treatment and a deposit before they could do
anything. They told me she started to go into distress when put in the Oxygen tank and tube, I wanted them to do whatver they could to help her, and Cheshire blinked at me when I was in the room with her right next to her. She wasn't really blinking before that as whe had a tube in her mouth that was helping her

This was so painful for me. Her heart gave out, and that's how she went. I
don't know if anyone on here has been through anything like this, but I've
wondered if by brining her to that hospital and trhing to get here more help to
stabilize her for a transfusion caused her more distresss that lead to her
passing? I've talked to the doctors who told me no, that didn't do it, she was just very sick,a nd even if i'd brought her home, she would haev onyl survived a few days or 24 hours. I even had jsut bought the Mega C plus which I had heard
good things about reversing felv.

I told her how much I love her and she knows that until I see her again.

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