I wanted to say a thank you for all your heartfelt messages of condolence for 
and my Cheshire.  You all are so kind, I wasn't expecting so many replies.  
a consolation to know so many people understand what it's like.  The most 
important thing is that she knew and still knows how much she's loved by me and 
everyone who knew her.  I feel she's still with me.  Thanks Beth, 
Catherine, Mike, Bonnie, Sharyl, Sherry Sara for lighting the candle for us, 
Natalie for your poem, I want to hang it up, it sounds so true!   LauraM - I'm 
sure Tiger knew how much you love him and that you were with him in spirit when 
he passed, that's what matters, and the time 

you spent together. I've been told that if you lose an animal, you go out 
and get a new one, their soul may come back..   thanks all!!!

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