Oh, I guess I hadn't put her name in the first message, so I can see why
people don't know what I'm talking about :)


The heading was:

[Felvtalk] Questions about FeLV


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Tue, 28 Sep 2010 00:26:52 -0700


Anyway, any idea how much Pet Tinic I should give her?


Any thoughts on an iron supplement? Liquid seems to be the way to go :)


Also, and I hope I don't sound too dumb.but can kitty have human blood in a


And/Or, can her sister (if she's FeLV negative) donate blood to her?
Biological sister, not adopted sister :)


Would a vet do a transfusion from one cat to another? Any idea if it would
be extremely expensive?


We are going to be moving 1400 miles away, and we leave on the 15th. It'll
take a few days to get there. I know that will be stressful on her, is there
anything I can do to make it any less stressful? Like if she rides on
someone's lap instead of in a crate.or get one of those "calming collars"
I've seen at Walmart.? They have some kind of pheromone or something on
them, I think.?


There will be other cats in crates, and 2 dogs possibly in crates, possibly
not, but the dogs and this cat get along very well. 


She has continued to eat baby food.not a ton, but some.and she urinated the
other day (on the floor - missed the box, I guess) and it was a very
"string" yellow color, but not orange, brown, or red.like a.hi-liter yellow,
but really concentrated. Like if you hi-lited the same spot on a piece of
paper over and over.hope that makes some sense.lol.


She's still real yellow-skinned (and paw pads and nose and gums). She has
been more alert the last few days, but still not active much. 


The vet she saw was very sure that she won't make it. He kept saying he has
seen cats with the levels in her bloodwork, and it never turns out good. I
don't expect a miracle (thought it would be nice), but if she can live for a
while, and not be in pain or discomfort, I have to try.ya know?


If she makes it until the 15th, and makes the trip, I will be looking for a
vet that is maybe a bit more optimistic.but realistic, too.


Oh.and guess what? She was purring for me the other morning :) That was the
first time I'd heard/felt that in a while.


She seems to not want to be warm. She won't stay under the covers at night
like she used to, prefers the bare wood floor to the soft beds, and we even
found her in the empty bathtub yesterday.  Most of her day is spent in the
top of a tall laundry basket, laying on a fleece blanket. At night she
sleeps at the foot of our bed.


Anyway, any more info, encouragement, ideas, etc. are greatly appreciated :)



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