Is FeliWay something I might find at like PetsMart?


I know it isn't safe to have her on a lap.I guess I wasn't thinking about
that part.thanks for bringing it up.I'm so focused on her not feeling well,
it totally slipped my mind what could happen to her if she's not in a crate
most of the time.


I am hoping to use a large enough crate for her to have litter, food, and
water in there.she will definitely have food and water available (as will
the other cats in their crates).


Too bad human to cat blood transfusion won't and hubby have both
said if we could, we'd go so far as to give her organs (or parts of organs -
like a piece of my liver), we wouldn't even hesitate :)


I'll call around on cost.but would I want to be having a transfusion done
shortly before we're moving, or should I call around at the new place
(assuming she makes it there)?


That Bach Flower stuff.the vet said not to do shots because of her weakened
immune system.I'm not sure I should be giving her anything I don't know
anything about.does that make sense?


Lydia doesn't drink a lot of water. She is not really active, and when I see
her having a hard time swallowing, I get her non-needled small syringe and
give her a couple drinks. I need to get more in her.she was getting more
when she was lapping up really watery cat food, but I was worried she wasn't
getting enough food, so went and got baby food. She eats that right out of
the jar, but doesn't seem to want water by itself anymore. I will try to get
more water in her from now on, since she hasn't been drinking it much on her


Yeah, I thought anemia would make her feel cold.I mean her paw pads seemed
cold for several days, but they feel normal warm now.hope that's a good
thing.I sure know the cold feet didn't feel right.


And, sorry to press the same question over and over, but does anyone know
how much Pet-Tinic I should be giving her? And of an iron supplement (if it
might help)?


Thanks :)






Yes, get some Feliway (facial pheromone)and spray it into the carrier a few
hours prior to leaving because if it's fresh, it's a bit strong. You can
take cat out once in a while, but it's not really safe in lap...I had a
friend whose cat was in the car, she got into a slight fender-bender, opened
the door and cat got out on a highway - she never found it again. Keep them
safe inside a proper cat carrier - get a larger one where you could place a
small baking dish with litter, etc.
No, you cannot do human blood to cat. From a cat to another, yes - vets
usually have donor cats living at hospitals. Don't know where you live -
cost varies from area to area.
Yes, those calming things could work - but how about Bach Flower Remedies'
"Rescue" - put into water, into mouth, spread fur away on forehead and place
a few drops on it.  You cannot overdo.
Does kitty drink enough water/?  You might want to give her water with an
eyedropper throughout the day.
If she's anemic, I';m surprised that she wants to keep cool....
Good luck eith the trip and the little one!  I'll be thinking of you all!


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